Next week, we will be running our Business Advisory Skills Training Program for a leadership development program at one of our financial services clients. In preparing for this course, we are reminded of how active listening skills are essential skills for all business leaders today and a key enabler of effectively establishing and maintaining trusted business partnerships.

Active listening is the most powerful form of acknowledgement that can occur between individuals. When put in practice, it conveys to the speaker that you believe that he/she is important. When practiced effectively across an organization, it fosters an environment where collaboration will thrive.

Here are some key considerations to practice your Active Listening skills:

  • Consciously choose to listen – stay focused on the interaction and stay “in the moment”
  • Keep your mind engaged – seek to understand what is being said and why
  • Focus on the other person – consider your needs, perspectives and opinions as secondary

We look forward to sharing these and other tools, tips and skill building activities with our participants next week.

If you would like to know more about our Business Advisory Skills Training Program, please contact us.