You may understand the business roadmap behind your change, but do you truly understand how it will impact your organization and staff?

In today’s business environment, leaders must achieve results from change efforts. If you fail to adequately assess, understand, and address the organizational and people dynamics associated with change, you risk not realizing your promised benefits and improvements. Have you planned for these key change dynamics?

  • Sponsor, agents, and targets. Do you know why these roles are important, who these individuals are within your organization, and how you need to leverage and engage them? Actively managing the dynamic between these roles is a foundation of all successful organizational change.
  • A clear and compelling change story. Do you have a clearly-defined rationale and solution set for your change? Too often during change individuals get lost in executing deliverables, and lose track of why the organization is changing in the first place.
  • Direction, engagement, commitment, and knowledge. All individuals have the same basic needs as we progress through change and transition. Do you have a well-considered plan for how you will provide all impacted individuals with the necessary direction, engagement, commitment, and knowledge to be successful in their new environment?
  • Impact of change on how you are organized and operate. Have you taken time to thoroughly assess how your change will impact the people, processes, and structure of your organization?

Failing to address these crucial steps can result in:

  • Lack of commitment and resistance to change
  • Failure to recognize gaps in your solution until it’s been implemented and it’s more costly to address them
  • Unexpected results from inadequate impact assessment
  • Employee dissatisfaction, frustration, and potentially turnover

Why work with Blue-mark?

At Blue-mark, we have proven expertise in both organizational change management and program management. We understand the dynamics of both leading and implementing complex change. Blue-mark consultants bring objectivity, neutrality, and the expertise necessary to successfully address the organizational and people dynamics of change.

We’ll help:

  • Translate change complexity into actionable steps
  • Ensure that the people, process, and organizational components of change are in the forefront during planning and execution
  • Create and sustain momentum for change
  • Ensure alignment of stakeholders
  • Enable superior decision-making throughout transition

Blue-mark has consistently demonstrated to us the ability to successfully bring clarity and definition to complex challenges – where the core issues and solutions are either not readily apparent or diverse. They are very skilled in forming programs, illustrating and framing complex solutions, bridging gaps between stakeholders, and driving deliverables. I highly trust their work.
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