Is your organizational design enabling your business strategies and working to maximum effectiveness?

How you design and organize work has a direct impact on how successful your organization is at executing your business strategy, meeting client commitments, and operating both effectively and efficiently. The secret to consistently strong execution is accountability, authority, collaboration, and skills.

  • Accountability and performance metrics. Team members must know what they are accountable for and how success will be measured.
  • Org structure beyond the org chart. At all levels, individuals must be clear on their level of authority and the authority of their partners/peers.
  • Clear lines of collaboration. Cross-functionally, team members must understand with whom they need to collaborate to execute work and how to do it.
  • Capability and tool sets. All members of the organization must possess the capabilities and tools to perform the work they have been assigned.

When these core elements of organizational design and effectiveness are not in place, you will know it! You will:

  • Suffer from lags and gaps in the quality and throughput of teams
  • Hear the frustration in the dialogue between teams
  • See it in the interactions between colleagues
  • Experience poor employee engagement and satisfaction results

Why work with Blue-mark?

Whether you are assessing the effectiveness of a role, a team, a division, or an entire enterprise, both experience and rigorous analysis are the keys to making impactful changes. Blue-mark has the experience to deliver fresh insights, ask the right questions, and provide you with implementable solutions.

To better understand and improve your organization design and effectiveness, we’ll help:

  • Optimize utilization of your resources
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
  • Improve interaction and collaboration
  • Eliminate conflict
  • Improve employee experience

Blue-mark takes a focused and balanced approach. They have deep design experience and effectively engage with all levels of an organization to ensure they fully understand the business and how things operate in practice. As a result, the client gets tangible insights and recommendations that are meaningful.
Senior Vice President
Human Resources & Corporate Communications