How can I improve my organization’s business planning and decision making?

Whether engaging in strategic planning, setting goals, driving cross-functional projects, or addressing key business issues, your goal is to make quality decisions that all participants can actively support. You must have well-structured, engaged, managed, and documented discussions to mine the best out of a group’s thinking and ensure optimal decisions are reached. This includes:

  • A clear purpose and a well-defined approach. The foundations of all successful planning processes and business meetings are clarity of objectives and well-understood processes. A facilitator ensures there is clarity on what needs to be accomplished and how the group will work through it.
  • Separated facilitation and leadership roles. Decision makers need to focus on the issues, not the discussion process. A skilled facilitator enables leaders to focus fully on decision-making and not have to worry about meeting dynamics.
  • Management of people dynamics. Team and individual dynamics impact (negatively and positively) the ability of a group to effectively navigate through multiple inputs, understand different opinions and options, and make optimal choices. A facilitator supports the team in managing these dynamics to ensure that all discussions are collaborative, open, and productive.
  • Demonstrated consensus. Spending the time to ensure that all decision-makers understand, and are able to actively support, all decisions coming out of discussions is the primary role of a facilitator.
  • Clear, concise, and compelling documentation. Spoken words fly away. After spending time making quality decisions, it is critical to spend equal diligence developing documentation that will provide clear direction and then drive the required behavior and action.

Failing to address these crucial steps in your planning process or business meeting can result in:

  • Unstructured sessions, lacking process and documentation
  • Unproductive discussions, resulting in decisions that stakeholders cannot uniformly support
  • Individual stakeholders assuming control of discussion and pressing their own agendas
  • Tangible outcomes getting lost in the fog of multiple inputs, opinions, and options
  • Leaders becoming too focused on running the meeting to truly concentrate on decision making

Why work with Blue-mark?

As an objective voice at your table, we are uniquely able to gather information to clarify the nature of a problem, drive discussion, and close out decision points – without a vested interest in the outcome.  Blue-mark frees your team to focus on the discussion and puts our depth of experience managing complex team dynamics at your disposal.

We’ll help:

  • Enable superior decision-making
  • Translate problem-solving complexity into actionable steps
  • Ensure full engagement in problem-solving
  • Provide a neutral, structured approach to planning and execution
  • Create superior documentation

I value highly Blue-mark’s best in class facilitation expertise and planning methodology. They excel at framing discussions, engaging participants, driving decisions, and distilling strategies and plans into clear and compelling outputs. They provide momentum and sustainment to business agendas.
Vice President
Information Technology