Improve communication, create connection, and build trust through:

Human Motivation Theory

Understand the three types of human motivations to best interact with others to meet their needs.

Individualized Conversations

Effectively build personalized rapports that bolster trust and make business-oriented communication smoother.

Active Listening

Show others that you hear them. Demonstrate your active listening through improved body language and dialogue.

Course Takeaways

Trusted Relationships

Learn the five ingredients of a trusted relationship and use them in your client and office communication.

Core Needs and Motivations

Use human motivation theory to truly understand the dynamics in your work relationships.

Engaging Others

Leverage repeatable, structured techniques and tips that will guide you in building strong relations.

Listening and Questioning

Be present—discover listening methods and lines of questioning that demonstrate your active participation.

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Blue-Mark’s philosophy is to pass on their expertise and experience. I was impressed with the practicality of Blue-Mark’s training. They are genuinely interested in helping people become more effective. Both I and my internal partners experienced a noticeable improvement in my team’s facilitation and partnering skills.
- Vice President, Business Management Sector

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