Tackle change at your company by:

Meeting People’s Needs

Address the core needs of your people during transition with the D.E.C.K. model: Direction,
Engagement, Commitment, and Knowledge.

Building Sponsorship

Identify the sponsors, agents, and targets of change at your organization. They will be critical in rallying support and driving positive encouragement.

Crafting Change Stories

Change can be daunting. Ease your team’s anxiousness by communicating the how and why of your change story in a clear and compelling manner.

Course Takeaways

Stakeholder Role Maps

Create cohesive webs outlining the relationships and needs between stakeholders.

Change Strategy

Develop complex strategies to effectively organize change and create support during transitional periods.

Change Risks

Understand the risks associated with change. Identify and mitigate potential hazards at your organization before they develop.

Change Needs

Address the core needs of your people during change, and prepare them with the understanding, skills and resources they need.

Is your organization ready for change?

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Blue-Mark takes a focused and balanced approach. They have deep design experience and effectively engage with all levels of an organization to ensure they fully understand the business and how things operate in practice. As a result, the client gets tangible insights and recommendations that are meaningful.
- Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Communications Sector

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