Wade Jack
Founder and Managing Partner

BA (Hons.), MBA

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Drew Tompkins
Drew Tompkins
Managing Principal

Drew is a seasoned business leader with more than 20 years of leadership experience and proven track record for leading large teams, implementing significant organizational change and delivering business results. As a leader at Blue-Mark, Drew shares his insights on his work, trusted relationships, courage, what effective change looks like and more. Read more...

Brooke Johnson
Principal Consultant

BA. Psych (Hons.), Post Graduate HRM (Hons.), PMP

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Angela Misasi
Senior Consultant

Angela is a driven by a passion for change and innovation. She thrives on transforming barriers into opportunities by creatively and strategically navigating clients through complexities.  Read on as she shares insights on how curiosity, exploration and taking on new challenges has paved her way in leading clients towards success. Read more...

Chris Ryan
Senior Consultant

Chris is a change leader and builder with cross-functional experience needed to fluently navigate the barriers of complex transformations.  Read on as he expands on his professional journey, biggest lessons and how his broad and in-depth program experience comes in handy when helping clients turn ideas into reality. Read more...

Stacy Hylton
Senior Consultant

Stacy brings her HR, MBA and consulting experience to help clients ensure they are effectively considering all perspectives and taking a thorough lens when navigating challenges. She also recognizes her cultural background as a key influence on how she approaches her consulting work and client interactions. Read on as Stacy shares insights on her collaborative and neutral approach, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and her take on helping clients drive business results. Read more...

Eugene Choi
Senior Consultant

Eugene is driven by the pursuit of understanding every aspect of an engagement to help clients make the most well-considered and meaningful business decisions. Through his philosophy, MBA  and consulting experience, Eugene brings a diverse lens to all of his consulting work.  Read on as he shares insights on collaborating with clients, helping them dig deeper and his approach to effectively working through complexities. Read more...

Mike Hoffmann
Senior Consultant

BA (Hons.), Economics & Finance Spotlight Coming Soon...

Johanna Quinney

Johanna is driven by complex problem-solving and helping leaders push their agendas forward during times of change. Her unique background in government and financial services has proven invaluable in driving client success and navigating the challenges facing their organizations. Read on as she shares insights on her consulting approach, key motivating factors and helping clients move forward with confidence. Read more...

Julie Moroz

Julie is passionate about moving business agendas forward by understanding her clients’ core motivations, challenges and driving meaningful interactions. She is inspired by leading clients on a journey of growth, positive results and confidence. Read on as Julie shares insights on her engagement strategies and her methods on influencing clients in the right direction. Read more...

Paul Robinson

Paul is insatiably curious and enjoys exploring different environments and business cultures.  With a balanced attention to empathy and logic, Paul thrives on analyzing different perspectives to help clients navigate complexities and reach clarity. Read on as he shares his insights on bringing people together to share different perspectives, creating understanding around a problem and clarifying complex issues. Read more...

Sheri Blades

Sheri thrives on building trusted relationships through meaningful conversations to effectively move business agendas forward. She’s always thinking of ways to offer different organizational perspectives to help her clients come to the best decisions. Read on as she shares her insights on collaborative approach, problem solving and why meaningful dialogue is key to client success. Read more...

Consultant, Shavonne
Shavonne Pye-Strowbridge

Shavonne thrives on connecting, collaborating, and co-creating with her clients.  She values bringing all stakeholders to the table to consider all perspectives and ensure the most well-rounded and optimized solutions. Read on as she shares insights on integrating data and human dynamics to simplify complexities, her flexible consulting approach and more. Read more...

Kayla Brown
Senior Analyst

Kayla thrives on empowering clients with the confidence they need to effectively drive their agendas forward.  She brings her a unique background in organizational psychology that she applies to her consulting approach and work. Read on as she shares insights on the importance of asking the right questions and considering multiple perspectives in achieving well-considered solutions and change plans. Read more...

Senior Analyst
Wynonna Gomes
Senior Analyst

Wynonna has a unique ability to create safe environments that encourage others to openly share their thoughtsBy doing so, she is able to gather information, influence direction and effectively problem solve for success. Read on as she shares her insights on connecting with others in a meaningful way, exploring diverse perspectives, and more. Read more...

Eric Cole
People and Culture Manager

Eric brings a desire to foster an open and supportive culture at Blue-Mark. With a combined background in Adult Education and Human Resources, he strives to understand the needs and motivations of the team to find ways to enable individual and group development. Read on as Eric shares his thoughts on building an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and celebrates diverse perspectives. Read more...

Bushra Layeq
Marketing Lead

Bushra believes in creating the most relatable, customized, and insightful brand experiences through an authenticity and optimization approach. She knows that staying true to one’s brand helps to better connect with audiences and make marketing meaningful! Read on as she shares insights on authentically engaging audiences, thinking outside of the box, how her family of creatives inspired her to pursue a career in marketing, and more. Read more...

Alanna Jack
Business Manager

B. Comm (Hons.), Marketing & Statistics

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Amy McIntyre
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

B.A , Masters in Communications

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Blue-Mark’s philosophy is to pass on their expertise and experience. I was impressed with the practicality of Blue-Mark’s training. They are genuinely interested in helping people become more effective. Both I and my internal partners experienced a noticeable improvement in my team’s facilitation and partnering skills.
- Vice President, Business Management Sector

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