Align Your Operating Model

It’s imperative to your business performance that your operating model evolves to stay aligned with your current strategy.

Assess All Components

Your operating model has seven core, interdependent components: business capabilities, process, technology, geographical presence, organizational structure, people, and work environment.

Have a Target State

Develop a clear set of target operating model principles. These will guide you in making informed design decisions and modifications in the future.

Design at All Levels

Your operating model exists at enterprise, function, and team levels. Depending on the change your company is introducing, your operating model might need modifications at all or some of these levels.

Why work with Blue-Mark?

Blue-Mark consultants have experience assessing and optimizing operating models in response to complex business changes. We help you identify and implement all your changes across all your operating model components.

Deeper Understanding

Truly understand the structure that supports your entire organization’s work.

Build for the Future

Proactively adjust and correct your company’s operating model to set up future success.

Reach Peak Performance

Design solutions around all seven operating model components.

Targeted Solutions

Drive change at the right component, right level, and right time.

Evolving Your Operating Model: Seven Key Components

Clear documentation keeps your organization running smoothly at the most fundamental level: the operating model. See the effects that good documentation can have on the 7 components of your operating model.

When we were going through a period of transformational change, Blue-Mark was instrumental in helping us understand and manage the organization and people changes that were required of our teams. Our consultant/advisor offered critical insights, bringing clarity to the problem, and giving us practical next steps that resulted in meaningful results.
- Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services Sector

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