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Blue-Mark Spotlight: Angela Misasi, Senior Consultant on Using Curiosity to Simplify Complexities

Angela is driven by a passion for change and innovation. She thrives on transforming barriers into opportunities by creatively and strategically navigating clients through complexities.  Read on as she shares insights on how curiosity, exploration and taking on new challenges has paved her way in leading clients towards success.

What’s one word that best describes you?

It would probably be two words: “insatiably curious”. I’m constantly wanting to learn and explore new ideas and skills. If there’s something that really interests me, I will dive right in and explore EVERYTHING about it.

How has this played a role in your journey?

As a problem-solver by nature, I’ve always been curious about the world.  My years studying philosophy helped to cultivate a skill in ‘clear thinking’, which pushed me to question assumptions and analyze complexities. I believe exploring situations and continuous learning allows you to dig into new perspectives and understandings that you may not have been privy to. It also allows you to keep yourself in check and be humble in light of new information that may contradict your thoughts sometimes. These are skills that translate well into the work we do at Blue-Mark with our clients who have a variety of different perspectives and come with different sets of knowledge.

What drew you to consulting?

While completing my master’s degree, I landed a job at a large financial institution as a Program Coordinator. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this move would end up becoming the launch pad for my career.  Through my involvement in projects, I was introduced to change management, organizational design and facilitation.  As my roles evolved, I helped leaders and project teams drive change initiatives of varying complexity and scope in different lines of business; developed cultural programs and launched enterprise OCM frameworks. My natural propensity to take on new challenges brought me to a point where I decided I wanted to help a broad range of clientele evolve their business agendas, which is how I ended up joining Blue-Mark.

What do you like most about working at Blue-Mark?

Blue-Mark’s unique approach aligns with my own values. The commitment to collaborating with clients, bringing the right people together to simplify complexity, focusing on what needs attention, and aligning on process and expectations is at the heart of the company’s ethos. It’s also a great place to work. Our company is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who are committed not only to our clients, but to each other as well. The peer-to-peer support here is awesome. We genuinely partner and support each other and it’s really cool.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I had an extensive toy train collection as a kid. I’d paint little model houses and attend train shows every year to add pieces to my expansive set up. I also used to Breakdance for many years and went to NYC for the Rocksteady Reunion when I was 17.

Education: BA (Hons.), M.A, Philosophy