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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Brooke Johnson, on Driving Outcomes Through Collaborative Solutioning, Authentic Partnering and Intuitive Problem Solving

Brooke is driven by a passion for problem-solving and helping others succeed.  As a trusted partner and advisor in the mobilization and implementation of complex business agendas, she certainly gets her share of opportunities!  Read on as she shares insight on how she acts as a guiding hand to establish strong and collaborative partnerships, letting the pace of change lead her desire to continuously solve for complex problem, and helping leaders and organizations realize their strategic goals.


1. What motivates you  to do your best work? 

Three words: Impact through others. I’m the type of person who loves to work the problem and achieve amazing outcomes, but always through partnering with others. The outcome is more rewarding for me when it has been considered, solutioned and implemented with my clients and colleagues. I strive to consult with a guiding hand – bridging multiple insights and ideas into an aligned path forward. Collective success and enabling others to realize their goals gives me a great sense of positive energy and motivation. 

2. It is not just about the outcome for you?

Over the past 12 years, I’ve had the opportunity to support large scale business and technology transformations in both private and public sectors. I have also played key roles throughout the full lifecycle of business change (visioning, business casing, mobilizing, implementation and sustainment). My strongest reflection on all these experiences is that we accomplished the outcomes together – collaboratively, as partners, leveraging the best from us all. Realizing goals and outcomes through a collaborative consulting approach that has proven to build authentic long-term relationships. I am honored to have clients, peers and friends that continue to be part of my professional and personal development and success.

3. Sounds like consulting is a great fit for you professionally

I like to keep challenging myself – I’m someone who actually enjoys constant change and evolution. Change is not a roadblock, but an opportunity to me – with that level of comfort, I have always felt confident in addressing problems head on and supporting others through their changes. Early in my career I had a sense that management consulting had the potential to consistently introduce me to new learning and complex situations. Fortunately, the consulting organizations I have worked with have given me the exposure and experience to match my interest and desired pace of change. So much, that I am now in it for the long haul! The diversity of people I get to work with and the continued new unique challenges I have the honour of being asked to support is what makes consulting my chosen career.

4. What’s something unique about Blue-Mark? 

Blue-Mark aligns with my personal values in ways I could not have imagined. There is an emphasis on building trust, care, and authenticity for each other and our clients that is wholeheartedly demonstrated throughout our company’s culture. We put our team’s interest first, encourage everyone to bring their whole authentic selves to work, and work to develop not only our team but our clients. I believe, this is direct reflection of how we interact and build relationships with our clients as well.

5. What’s a fun fact about you?  

I believe I can build everything and anything – a secret carpenter and creative at heart. Over the years, I’ve built many types of furniture. Recently, I came across an old pair of shutters and surrounded them with barnboard and interesting metal reinforcers to create a headboard. For me, building is like problem-solving – give me a piece of a puzzle and I’ll figure out a way to make it fit!

 Education: BA. Psych (Hons.), Post Graduate HRM (Hons.), PMP