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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Bushra Layeq, on Making Marketing Meaningful by Exploring Authenticity in Creative Ways

Bushra believes in creating the most relatable, customized, and insightful brand experiences through an authenticity and optimization approach. She knows that staying true to one’s brand helps to better connect you with your audience and make marketing meaningful! Read on as she shares insights on authentically engaging audiences, thinking outside of the box, how her family of creatives inspired her to pursue a career in marketing, and more

1. How do you approach your work?

I tend to approach everything through an authenticity and optimization lens. Regardless of industry or brand, at the heart of any marketing strategy or initiative is authenticity – what the brand stands for and what it means for others. In parallel, I am constantly thinking about how we can continue to creatively optimize how we help our audiences and diversify the ways in which we’re engaging them. We live in a world of content saturation where companies are rapidly applying themselves to the “next best thing” or “trend”. It’s now more important than ever for brands to stand out by staying true to their value proposition and connecting with audiences in the most genuine way. At Blue-Mark, I use my understanding of PR and Marketing to ensure we speak to our audiences and clients like they are people. We consistently try to ensure that the experience they get from Blue-Mark’s content and online social presence is reflective of the experience that they would get from us in person.

2. What do you enjoy the most about Marketing?

Making meaningful impacts and differences through the work that I do is what drives my energy and best work. Throughout the process of a project, I consider – will this help our clients and audiences address their needs and challenges? Will it help them consider their processes and solutions from a unique perspective? Will it provide them with the insights they need to achieve the results they’re looking for? I strive to understand our clients’ needs to create relatable, customized, and insightful experiences to help influence well considered decisions. There must be a purpose and a “why” behind all we do through our marketing efforts and as a team. Exploring ideas, perspectives, frameworks and bringing to life something that has a positive impact or helps people think differently is important. People don’t remember what you do, they remember how you make them feel. If I can do that – that’s rewarding.

3. Why did you choose to make Marketing your career?

If you’ve ever visited my childhood home, you’d find a person cooking 5-star cuisine in the kitchen, another person painting, while another one is downstairs in the studio writing and producing music. My family is made up of creatives and adventure seekers. Even today, when we come together at the table, we bring a plethora of creative and innovative perspectives on how we can build something fun and impactful. Some of these ideas turn into full-blown business plans, marketing strategies and even realities. These brainstorms sparked my fascination for business, creative design, and public relations. Marketing was the perfect concoction that aligned with these areas and fed my passion for collaborative work while thinking outside of the box and beyond convention.

4. Why Blue-Mark?

Blue-Mark’s morals and values are parallel to my own. Blue-Mark thrives on authenticity, relationship building and going the extra mile to ensure clients and internal team members are successful. There is prioritization around quality of work, collaboration and continuous encouragement to think outside of the box and challenge ourselves. As a team, we take pride in each other’s differences, backgrounds and can openly rely on each other to seek multiple perspectives and knowledge. Many who end up joining our team find our supportive, empowering, and open environment quite refreshing.

5. What is a fun fact about you?

If I’m not “nerding out” to superhero movies or on a bold adventure halfway across the world, you can find me singing and writing songs. Over the years and now, I’ve had the privilege of engaging and collaborating with North American and global music producers. If you want to find out who, you’ll have to connect with me!

Education: BA (Hons.), Public Relations, Dip. Media Communications, Cert. Digital Marketing Management – In progress