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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Johanna Quinney, Consultant on Helping Clients Navigate Complex Challenges and Move Forward with Confidence

Johanna is a Consultant driven by complex problem-solving and helping leaders push their agendas forward during times of change. Her unique background in government and financial services has proven invaluable in driving client success and navigating the challenges facing their organizations. Read on as she shares insights on her approach to working with clients, key motivators and more.

 1. How does your unique background in government and financial services impact your work today?

My career in government and financial services offers me a unique perspective on how senior leaders tackle challenging issues. While working in the public sector, I gained experience as an advisor to Canada’s Minister of National Defence and later, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This role helped me get comfortable working through complex problems in fast paced and dynamic environments – you’re always managing risks and needing to have a “Plan B” on hand. While working at Blue-Mark, I’ve been able to apply these same skills while guiding Canadian financial institutions through large-scale transformations and business agendas.

Being a management consultant with a strong communications background has been immensely valuable for working with my clients. Communications puts you directly in the middle of business agendas. It allows you to engage with key stakeholders, advocate for people and directly influence the change. You can have the best plan in the works, but it will never be implemented or generate value if people don’t understand what you’re seeking to do and why.

2. What motivates you to do your best work?

A great day for me is when I’m bringing people together with different perspectives to problem solve challenges, then build and align on a roadmap that achieves new outcomes. With my clients, I ensure we’re always understanding the ‘why’ of our work together and how it connects to the broader business goals of the organization. When we clearly understand the purpose, we can then gather and analyze the right data to align on the most suitable solutions. I find that creating opportunities to explore different opinions and ideas is what drives creativity and fosters the most innovative, impactful and successful business agendas.

3. What is something you wish people knew about Blue-Mark?

We have a unique dynamic where we’re constantly focused on working collaboratively with our clients to co-create solutions and ensure they have done all the right thinking and analysis required to meet their challenges. At Blue-mark, consulting isn’t about just meeting with a client and giving them solutions, it goes beyond that. It’s about moving agendas forward, ensuring alignment to solutions and plans, and building confidence in execution.

4. What do most people not know about you?

I’ve always had a desire to experience the world, which was a key motivator for me to pursue my MSc at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Travelling has been an immensely enriching experience that has allowed me to connect with people all around the world. Through my travels and living abroad, I have gained a deep appreciation for cultural differences and the many things that bind us together as humans.

Education: BA (Hons.), MSc. (Master of Science)