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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Julie Sayin, on Helping Clients Succeed by Understanding People, the Agenda and the Business

Julie is passionate about moving business agendas forward by understanding her clients’ core motivations, challenges and driving meaningful interactions. She is inspired by leading clients on a journey of growth, results and confidence. Read on as Julie shares insights on her engagement strategies and her methods on influencing clients in the right direction.

1) Tell us about yourself.

I am keenly interested in understanding individuals, their motives and why they do what they do. Beyond simply education, my passion for understanding people has been fueled by travelling internationally and having the opportunity to observe and learn from others in their environments and day to day lives.  Being immersed in an array of cultures provided me an appreciation for people and their unique perspectives.

2) What is the most rewarding part of your role?

During my engagements, I like to focus on and consider the people, the agenda, and the business as a whole. I’m motivated when focusing on all three aspects simultaneously, because that allows me to see things from a broader perspective and therefore help influence better decision making.

It’s amazing to witness the sense of relief on my clients’ faces during and at the end of every one of my engagements. When leading clients through a journey, initially you see their stress and challenges.  As the engagement gains momentum, I am able to see firsthand the growth, positive outcomes, and overall a more confident client. It’s rewarding that I’m able to do this by creating trusted relationships, helping break barriers and moving agendas forward as best as I can. It’s awesome that I get to do this nearly every day!

 3) What is your approach to creating meaningful interactions?

There are a few principles that are foundational to creating meaningful interactions. First and foremost, I treat everyone with respect because everyone has something valuable to add to a conversation. I also believe it’s important to be empathetic, seek to understand others, listen, and view every interaction with a sense of positivity. I find this helps me from jumping to conclusions and providing others with a safe space to openly share their insights. I use these principles in my daily life as a consultant and outside of work. These are my first steps to creating trusted relationships.

 4)  What are some fun facts about you?

As a child I had a passion for horses and was an avid horseback rider. Another fun fact is that I can speak Turkish – which many people probably may not know.

Education: B. Comm (Hons.), MSc. (Organizational Development)