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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Kayla Brown, on Using Empathy and Understanding to Help Drive Well-Considered Solutions

 Kayla thrives on empowering clients with the confidence they need to effectively drive their agendas forward. Read on as she shares insights on the importance of asking the right questions and considering multiple perspectives in achieving well-considered solutions and change plans.

1. How has your unique background helped you approach your consulting work?

As a consultant who is eager to help, I truly believe in the importance of empathy and active listening, and I use this approach to effectively guide my clients toward success. It is interesting because I used to act and my background in theater taught me the value of being able to put myself in someone else’s shoes, seeing things from their perspective and genuinely understanding them. Naturally, I apply this same method by asking the right questions to open the door for deeper understanding, multiple perspectives to be considered, quality data to be gathered, and clarity on how to handle challenges. This in turn helps to ensure that clients are equipped with the right analysis and thought processes to make well-considered, impactful, actionable decisions and change plans.

2. What motivates you to do your best work?    

I care about the client as much as I care about their agendas. A great day for me is when I know my client is proud and confident of the work we’ve done together. When they feel empowered to lead agendas forward and trust the decisions, solutions and their ability to implement – that is the most powerful dynamic needed to ensure their confidence. It is at the core of what motivates me to do what I do every day.

3. What is a key piece of learning that you have taken from your organizational psychology background that you feel is essential for businesses today?

Organizational psychology is about understanding human relations, improving workplace morale, boosting effectiveness and efficiency for a business to be successful and better for employees.

Something that particularly stands out to me is the importance of effective interactions between leaders and employees to achieve organizational success. Interaction between leaders and employees should work both ways. It is important that leaders are consistently communicating with their employees and that employees have a channel to contact their leaders. Two-way communication keeps the leaders informed and allows for effective sponsor engagement which can lead to improved employee trust, performance, satisfaction, and motivation.

4. What drew you to Blue-Mark?

Joining Blue-Mark perfectly aligned with what I was looking for in a role and in a workplace. It’s a refreshing take on consultancy as we focus on collaboration, open-mindedness, human connection and understanding our clients-which I see in action every day. It’s empowering to be a part of a diverse team where we support one another to ensure we’re putting forth the best consulting practices for our clients.

5. What’s a fun fact about you?

I spent many of my summers throughout high school and university at musical theatre camps and day camps as a camp counsellor. One summer I was an Inclusion Counsellor which meant I was paired one-on-one with campers with special needs. Being an Inclusion Counsellor definitely tops the list for one of my most rewarding experiences. It involved using a lot of creativity to make sure that everyone was always included and having fun!

Education: BA (Hons.), Psychology, MSc. (Master of Science in Industrial & Organizational Psychology)