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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Paul Robinson, Consultant on The Inspiration That Comes From Sharing Different Perspectives

Paul is insatiably curious and enjoys exploring different environments and business cultures.  At work, people often describe him as calm, observant and balanced in his attention to empathy and logic. Read on as he shares his insights on bringing people together to share different perspectives, creating understanding around a problem and clarifying complex issues.

 1. What motivates you at work?

When “Big Picture” aspirations and ideas become activated and sustained by people in the real world, it’s really rewarding. I enjoy creating moments where a group of stakeholders comes to a realization on a complex issue. I’m inspired in the moment when people with different perspectives reach clarity on something that seemed uncertain or conflicted. As such, I believe there is power in helping others distill the clearest version of their intent when trying to convey an idea.

2. How does the Blue-Mark approach resonate with your own as a management consultant?

Prior to joining, I first experienced Blue-Mark as a client. I quickly found that its ‘Focus. Align. Implement’ motto fit with my own knack for bringing leaders and project teams to a common understanding on a complex subject. I’ve always seen my role as facilitating understanding and resolution around a common endeavor, rather than only the process of communication.

There is also something approachable about our way of engaging. We believe in asking the right questions, having conversations to reveal different perspectives and to zero in on root issues. I love strategy and ideas, but it’s important to me to have it mean something in a real-world context. I can confidently say, it’s been a great fit!

3. How has your unique background helped you approach your work?

My education and career have focused on influence theory and leader and change communication. Both are about the activation of an idea within a real-world context, which is always an aspect on my client engagements. In particular, my grad work examined the unexpected tension between group dynamics in contemporary culture – especially scenarios in which well-meaning advocacies had unintended results.

4. What is a fun fact about you?

I sing and sometimes perform with a YouTube-famous musical group called ‘Choir! Choir! Choir!’. We cover pop songs with new musical arrangements. I’m also a background actor in my spare time – which has helped me be a space diplomat, an eyewitness to several superheroes, and a Whitehouse press correspondent. I enjoy it because I get to work with different actors in all kinds of scenarios.

Education: BA (Hons.), Dip. Advertising-Business, CAAP (Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional)