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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Shavonne Pye-Strowbridge, on Integrating Data and Human Dynamics to Simplify Complexities

Consultant, Shavonne

Shavonne thrives on connecting, collaborating,  and co-creating with her clients.  During engagements, she  brings all stakeholders to the table to  consider  all  perspectives  and  ensure the most well-rounded, impactful,  and optimized  solutions.  Read on as she shares her insights on  simplifying complex  work issues, her flexible consulting approach and more.

1. What’s your unique approach to working with clients? 

I’ve never been one to shy away from getting my hands dirty. Being  inquisitive and  having an  innate drive  for knowing and understanding specifics, I tend to get energized by  getting deep into complexities.  I use my understanding of  research,  big data and  human dynamics  to  solve and  simplify  complex  work issues.  Having an unconventional approach to understanding  data is powerful because it allows you to  think objectively and  subjectively – unraveling  important and customized insights based on the problem being solved.   While being able to understand data is important, it’s also essential to be able to frame it so that it can be easily understood by  all stakeholders. Considering information from  different aspects lead to  the most well-rounded and impactful solutions.

2. What motivates you to do your best work?

Being a competitive person, I’ve played sports my whole life. I’ve always been team oriented and wanting to push my teams to succeed – whether it’s on the field, on the ice or in the water. In the workplace, I feel the same way when empowering my clients to reach their desired  outcomes  by  connecting, collaborating and co-creating  solutions to  effectively  help  them move  forward.  I like to make sure that together we do not stop  until  insights, options, risks, and  answers are found. It is  a great feeling when everyone  is well-informed and  is committed  to a full understanding of  the situation. When you make a commitment to see things through to the end, and you eventually reach your goals – it’s extremely  rewarding.

3. How has your background in organizational psychology impacted  your  work  style?

Through  a combination of my  organizational psychology education and  working with leaders at all levels, I’ve  recognized  the importance of  communication,  physical cues and behaviors. This realization and experience  helps  me put aside my  biases  and  be flexible when working with others.  This way, I’m able to consistently create  environments where people can openly share their perspectives  so that  the  most  optimized solutions can come forward.  I ensure that all perspectives are  considered  by  facilitating  cohesion and  bringing  all  voices  to the table in a collaborative manner.

4. What’s something you  want  everyone to know about Blue-Mark? 

I joined Blue-Mark because  the  company  morals and values are on par with what I believe.  There’s a great  focus on quality over quantity, training  our  consultants and  helping our  clients until they feel fully confident  in their solutions.  While  continuously  learning, our consultants are given autonomy to think outside the box while also  being supported by  leadership and peers. Likewise, our  clients  are continuously supported by the  expertise of not only the consultant, but of the  entire  Blue-Mark team  to  ensure  they have  all the  necessary support to succeed. Even after an engagement has ended,  our clients  know that  they can still contact us at any time for guidance.

5. What is something unique about you that most people don’t know?

I am an avid sports fan and athlete. I was once the fastest female cross-country runner in Newfoundland and Labrador.  I am also a PADI certified diver, Dragonboat racer and have played on recreational soccer/softball  teams, and mixed ice hockey leagues for over 12-years - Go Habs Go!



BA (Hons.), Psychology, MSc. (Master of Science in Industrial & Organizational Psychology)

Certificate in Human Resources Management