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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Sheri Blades, on Building Trusted and Purposeful Relationships to Drive Client Success

Sheri thrives on building trusted relationships through meaningful conversations to effectively move business agendas forward. She’s always thinking of ways to offer different organizational perspectives to help her clients come to the best decisions. Read on as she shares her insights on collaborative approach, problem solving and why meaningful dialogue is key to client success.

1. What’s your approach to problem solving?

When approaching different problems, I like to take a human systems approach. I often ask myself “how can I offer another way to think about this”? There’s always a focus on being connected with those I partner with while keeping their business agenda and solution in mind. It’s about having meaningful conversations, while using time wisely to seek and understand different perspectives and opinions at the table. I really connect with Marie Forleo’s view to problem solving, that ultimately “everything is figureoutable”.

2. Why is building trusted relationships a key factor in consulting?

I believe that building relationships is at the core of any interaction, whether it be virtual or in person. Building trusted relationships is not a one-way street, it’s about exchanging thoughts, ideas, insights and information with each other. I enjoy collaborating with others and truly value what can be gained from these interactions. I’ve found my ability to listen to others and raise concerns and questions at appropriate levels on their behalf, enables effective implementation of solutions. I firmly believe being curious and considerate, and nurturing relationships creates the foundation for collaboration and trust.

3. What drew you to Blue-Mark?

Right away, I found alignment with Blue-Mark’s way of consulting. Having the curiosity to explore different perspectives and genuinely care about our client’s success is fundamental. I’m always trying to look at any group preoccupied with a challenge or concern with the intent to drive purposeful and well considered dialogues that enable successful outcomes.

4. How has your education influenced your work? 

I think learning can happen in many ways however, each time I’ve wanted to enhance or grow my skills I’ve found myself pursuing some type of certification. Just when I think I’m done or plan to take a break, I find something new to learn about that piques my interest. Ultimately my pursuit of learning has been to understand others and to build a skill set designed to help. I am genuinely curious about trying to understand people, how they work and what I can do to help.

5. What’s a fun fact about you?

I used to sing a lot throughout high school. My biggest claim to fame was providing background vocals for my high school’s production of Grease!

Education: BA (Hons.), M.A. (Human Systems Intervention)