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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Stacy Hylton, on the Importance of Diverse Perspectives in Driving Business Results

Stacy brings her HR, MBA and consulting experience to help clients ensure they are effectively considering all perspectives and taking a thorough lens when navigating challenges. She also recognizes her cultural background as a key influence on how she approaches her consulting work and client interactions. Read on as Stacy shares insights on her collaborative and neutral approach, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and her take on helping clients drive business results.

1) What is a key driving factor of your consulting approach?

My family background and culture have always been an important and formative factor in my life. Growing up in a Jamaican household, life was always centered around passionate conversations, witty comments, intense debates, and lots of laughter. Without being aware, exposure to these dynamics taught me about active listening, and being neutral and respectful of other perspectives – regardless of my own opinions. The cultural Jamaican sentiment of “One Love” (popularized by the famous reggae artist Bob Marley) stands for unity and respect for all, regardless of who you are or what you believe. As a consultant, I use this same approach when supporting clients to ensure that all perspectives are well-considered. As unconscious biases can be present in any environment, a thoughtful and considerate lens allows for the most optimal decisions to be made.

2) What motivates you to do your best work?

I’ve always been interested in how organizations drive value, and how diversity, inclusion and human interactions directly impact overall business results. My background in HR management, MBA education and consulting experience allows me to provide an organization, people and business lens to all my client engagements. Through experience, I’ve consistently found that that if you figure out how to get people to work more effectively and efficiently, you get great business results.

3)  What drew you to Blue-Mark?

The Blue-Mark approach is centered around building client’s confidence in their agendas. My greatest satisfaction has always come from helping others navigate and achieve complex outcomes. At Blue-Mark we take a collaborative approach while considering all perspectives to ensure clients are empowered to maximize their effectiveness in reaching their goals. I first experienced this as a client and knew that joining Blue-Mark would be a strong fit for me.

4)  What’s a fun fact about you?

I was an official torch bearer for the 2015 Pan Am Games! I had the great honour of carrying the torch during the Innisfil, Ontario leg of relay and got lots of honks and cheers from people passing by. I was also gifted an official torch which hangs proudly in my home. It was great having the opportunity to be a part of a momentous historic event for the city of Toronto that created lasting memories like the famous Toronto sign at Nathan Phillip Square.

Education: B.Com., Specialized Hons. in Human Resources Management, MBA
CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader), CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)