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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Wynonna Gomes, on Fostering Open Environments and Influencing Direction to Drive Client Success

Senior AnalystWynonna has a unique ability to create safe environments that encourage others to openly share their thoughtsBy doing so, she is able to gather information, influence direction and effectively problem solve for success. Read on as she shares her insights on connecting with others in a meaningful way, exploring diverse perspectives, and more.   

1. What motivates you  to do your best work? 

 The need to want to help others is ingrained in my DNA both inside and outside of the office. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with people and helping them best accomplish the things they set out to achieve. It excites me to see other people move forward and succeed because I was able to empower them and give them confidence along the way. I believe that when you positively influence others, you open the door to a realm of possibilities that can help them reach their highest potential. Therefore, being able to influence my clients in the right direction by working through problems and helping move their agendas forward is extremely rewarding. It makes it even more fulfilling knowing that each day I wake up, I log into work to do just that!

2. How do you approach your work? 

Those who know me would describe me as an “explorer” who is highly inquisitive and loves connecting with people. Where there is an opportunity to make new connections, there’s always an opportunity to learn and understand fresh ideas and ways of doing things! This is why, for me, collaboration is key when approaching my work with clients. My approach is centered around fostering a safe and trusted environment that encourages open dialogue. In doing so, it allows for the exploration of diverse perspectives that, in turn, helps frame ideas and issues using multiple lenses. At the same time, as a CPA, it goes without saying that my approach is never complete without analyzing these perspectives in a meaningful way. I enjoy applying structure and rigour to untangle problems and am never satisfied unless the outcome of every interaction that I’m a part of drives momentum and real results. My goal is to ensure that my clients are able to make well-considered decisions and implement solutions that drive the most value.

3. What’s something unique about Blue-Mark? 

Blue-Mark promotes a strong sense of community where the people genuinely care for each other and our clients. This is exemplified by the organization’s human-centric and collaborative approach to consulting, which I was drawn to immediately. Blue-Mark encourages a tremendously supportive culture and ensures everyone is cared for, not only concerning their career development but also as a person. I am grateful for the team of brilliant colleagues that simultaneously encourage me to voice my opinions and continually challenge my thinking. Working with such uplifting individuals allows me to be my authentic self. 

4. What’s a fun fact about you?  

 Adventure travel and generally pushing myself out of my comfort zone while on vacation is something that excites me. One of my most memorable trips was going on a three-day expedition deep into the Amazon Rainforest to look for anacondas and fish for piranhas. During one of the three days, my friends and I completed a 10km hike, followed by a session of raft building so that we could paddle down a tributary of the Amazon River and return to camp. It was exhausting but worth it! 

 Education: B. Comm (Hons.), GDip. Accounting, CPA