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The Four Skills That Will Accelerate Your Career

skills to accelerate your career

In today’s faster, more technically advanced and streamlined business environment, collaborative and influential soft skills are now must-have skills. The ability to build trusted relationships, facilitate alignment, influence direction, and drive change are the skills that enable people to be truly impactful and be influential. They are the differentiators that set employees apart.

Whether you are an individual contributor, a first-time leader or a seasoned manager, with Blue-Mark Learning courses and curriculum, you can receive custom training on the four most useful and sought-after business skills today:

1) Connecting to Build Trusted Relationships Trust fosters collaboration and ignites winning organizational results. Learn how to effectively build trust and confidence within your business relationships.

2) Mobilizing Change Change efforts are complex. Confusion, resistance and misalignment can too easily occur if there are gaps in change planning, engagement and execution. Learn how to effectively and proactively address the process.

3) Facilitating Effective Meetings Wasted time, lost productivity, and misalignment occur due to poor meeting practices. Learn how to host powerfully lead purposeful and productive meetings to achieve your goals.

4) Creating Compelling Documentation Clear and compelling documentation is often overlooked, however, it plays a central role in crafting, building support and advancing business agendas. Formalized, clear documentation engages your audience, clarifies key messages and forwards your intentions. Learn the skills that will improve your documentation drastically.

At Blue-Mark, we believe that putting your new skills and techniques to use in live personalized sessions is the best way to develop your skills. Each learning course has been designed to help acquire new skills that you can leverage immediately to enhance your performance and accelerate your career trajectory.

All our courses are led by a seasoned Blue-Mark consultant, so skills are developed through real-life situations and examples. Learning courses will officially be starting in January 2019 and dates will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for more information and articles on each of our learning events that’ll provide more insights on how and why these four skills can help propel you and your organization toward success!