Prepare for every meeting by:

Planning Ahead

Craft a clear agenda and distribute it beforehand, so that everyone understands what they’re accountable for and what to discuss.

Staying Focused

In a well-designed meeting, you will be able to lead your team and stakeholders through clearly defined items, while avoiding digressions.

Creating Outcomes

End each meeting with actionable items—focus on producing implementable deliverables with well-defined timelines and allocations of work.

Course Takeaways

The Essentials of Facilitation

Learning the duties of a facilitator, as well as techniques for guiding productive discussion and managing people dynamics.

Different Meeting Types

Understand the different kinds of meetings and their various strengths. Apply meeting types to your agendas and planning sessions.

Characteristics of Effective Meetings

The key elements of productive meetings and how to duplicate them.

Hands-on Application

Receive training through practical and relevant scenarios.

Is it time to leverage a neutral facilitator?

Don’t allow bias into your meetings. Discover the benefits of leveraging a neutral facilitator to drive fairness and productivity.

I value highly Blue-Mark’s best in class facilitation expertise and planning methodology. They excel at framing discussions, engaging participants, driving decisions, and distilling strategies and plans into clear and compelling outputs. They provide momentum and sustainment to business agendas.
- Vice President, Technology Strategy Sector

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