Organizational Design

How you design and organize work has a direct impact on how successfully, consistently and efficiently your organization executes your business strategy, meets client commitments, and operates.

Understand Why

Organization re-design should only be embarked on as a solution when there is clarity on what the organization is trying to solve for.

Leverage Principles

Well-defined design principles guide the design effort—informing grouping, linkages and collaboration.

Clarify Accountability

In a well-designed organization, your teams and individuals know what they’re accountable for and how their performance will be measured.

Putting two piece of puzzle

Why work with Blue-Mark?

Rigorous analysis is crucial to impactful changes. Whether you’re assessing the effectiveness of a role, a team, a division or an entire enterprise, we can help you ask the right questions to get the most effective solutions.

Thorough Assessment

Gather insights and opinions from stakeholders at all levels.

Role Clarity

Establish clear accountability and authority at the organization, function, team and individual level.

Quality Design

Design functions, teams and roles in support of your business strategy and goals.

Effective Interactions

Improve team-to-team interactions through facilitation-based solutions.