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Blue-Mark change consultants help organizations Focus on what really matters, Align people, processes and expectations, and Implement complex change.

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Invest in the growth of your company’s leaders by giving them the skills in decision-making, engagement and collaboration they need to become clear, dependable advisors to your team and clients. The best leaders are learners—are yours?

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When we were going through a period of transformational change, Blue-Mark was instrumental in helping us understand and manage the behavioral changes that would be required of our team. Our consultant/advisor offered critical insights, bringing clarity to the problem and giving people words around things that otherwise they wouldn’t have had.
- SVP and CFO, Financial Services Sector

I value highly Blue-Mark’s best in class facilitation expertise and planning methodology. They excel at framing discussions, engaging participants, driving decisions, and distilling strategies and plans into clear and compelling outputs. They provide momentum and sustainment to business agendas.
- Vice President, Technology Strategy Sector

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As organizations strategically plan for and navigate the current business landscape, focused and compelling reference materials are essential for successful business meetings, discussion and decision making. At Blue-Mark, we believe that effective reference materials include “framed content” which is an approach that enables focus, informs participants and drives meaningful business decisions. Here’s how it works!

We hope you find this helpful when creating your next reference material.

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As businesses start to transition into a new normal coming out of the pandemic, there will be impactful shifts to working arrangements, processes and delivery models. Leaders and project teams have a responsibility to understand and proactively meet people’s change needs through the transition and adoption of news ways of work. The key to meeting individuals change needs is providing timely and effective direction, engagement, commitment, and knowledge – here’s how!:–9

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It is our belief that all organizations and institutions should exist on the foundation of equality and unity. We are adding our collective Blue-Mark voice to help amplify the voices of the marginalized, and stand in solidarity to fight racism against the Black community – today and every day. We must all work to dismantle and change the structures that perpetuate racism in all forms.

We will consistently strive to prioritize a workplace of diversity and inclusion where every team member feels safe, heard, and valued. It is our commitment that multiple perspectives are reflected and incorporated in our approaches, our work, and our culture.

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BLUE-MARK SPOTLIGHT: Meet Kayla Brown. As a Senior Analyst, Kayla talks about her unique background, the importance of unraveling multiple perspectives and how empathy and understanding lead to well-considered solutions and plans. Read on to learn more:

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