Blue-Mark Spotlight – Andrea Horvath, on Navigating Complexity with Curiosity

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Blue-Mark Spotlight – Andrea Horvath, on Navigating Complexity with Curiosity

Andrea embodies a genuine curiosity and approaches every situation with a calm and composed demeanor. Her passion for exploring diverse viewpoints and fostering collaboration drivers her to create inclusive environments where individuals can openly exchange ideas, leading to accelerated and impactful outcomes. Read on as she shares her thoughts on influencing impact, enabling effective change, and more.

What drew you to working at Blue-Mark and what do you love most about working at Blue-Mark?

What pulled me towards Blue-Mark was its unique culture. It's a workplace that thrives on supportive and collaborative relationships. It's a culture that welcomes questions and sees them as opportunities for learning and growth, rather than inconveniences. This really resonates with me as I have a very analytical thought process and a genuine curiosity, which leads me to asking lots of questions. Everyone here is constantly learning from one another and helping each other grow both professionally and personally. In addition to that, our work approach truly resonated with me. We deeply value our clients, and our consulting work is always tailored to each client's specific needs, allowing me the opportunity to apply my analytical skills to a wide variety of projects. As someone who values self-reflection and continually strives for personal growth, Blue-Mark provides the ideal space for me to thrive.

How do you approach your work?

A large part of my work ethic has been shaped by my early experiences. I spent most of my childhood summers in Hungary with my family, which exposed me to a completely different culture and perspective. It was a transformative experience which instilled in me a deep appreciation for diversity and a drive to listen more than I speak. I learned to understand before responding, a philosophy I uphold even today. In my work, I put a strong emphasis on understanding - understanding clients' perspectives, their unique challenges, and circumstances. My approach is analytical, exploratory, and empathetic; I delve into our clients' hectic world with a calm and composed presence to create an environment allowing them to openly share challenges and test ideas, enabling them to meet their goals.  

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

What I find most rewarding is the influence and impact I can action as a single individual. My work with individuals within client organizations can create a domino effect of positive impact. I'm not merely executing tasks; I'm driving meaningful agendas with leaders and facilitating positive change throughout the organization. This role has a broader impact because we are not just impacting the leaders directly, but we're also indirectly influencing the people they influence. It's a ripple effect, extending far beyond what we immediately see, and that is what makes my work here immensely rewarding.

What are key characteristics you think your clients need to effectively lead and mobilize complex change?

The top characteristic that comes to mind is openness - openness to new ideas, new methods, and fresh perspectives. Change is hard and complex. There are several elements to consider, many of which may be new for clients who are used to doing things a certain way. It can be daunting for them to embrace this new way of doing things. But, in my experience, those who are open to change and willing to step outside their comfort zones often reap the most rewards.

What’s a fun fact about you?

A few years back, I embarked on a solo journey around Southeast Asia and Australia, which lasted three months. It was a transformative period where I was able to immerse myself in various cultures, meet new people, and see life from a different perspective. It further fueled my curiosity and exploration, which I now bring into my professional life. This journey nurtured my inquisitiveness and intensified my desire to learn about others and their cultures, a trait that enhances my ability to connect with clients and understand their unique needs.

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