Complex Change Implementation

Business leaders must assess, understand, and address the organizational and people dynamics associated with change. Failing to consider the wider impact of your change implementation can put your promised benefits and improvements at risk.

Sponsors, Agents, and Targets

Actively engaging each of these roles, and managing the dynamic between them, is crucial to effectively executing organizational change.

Compelling Change Facts

Organizations often get lost in executing deliverables, and lose track of why they’re committing to a change in the first place.

Direction, Engagement, Commitment, Knowledge

Individuals require these basic needs met to feel confident in changing behaviours, actions and interactions.

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

People more readily understand the rationale for change when they have the opportunity to be involved in decision-making or provide input.

Stopping puzzle from dropping

Why work with Blue-Mark?

Blue-Mark change consultants approach change through an organization, program and people lens. This ensures all key business, delivery and adoption risks are fully explored and addressed, ultimately giving leaders, project teams and managers the confidence to implement complex change.

Create Clear Direction

Translate change into a clear and compelling change story.

Build Broad Engagement

Help you engage necessary stakeholder involvement.

Enable Sustained Commitment

Ensure consistent and demonstrated change commitment.

Develop Necessary Knowledge

Provide individuals with the information the need to adopt new ways of work.