Blue-Mark Spotlight - Kayla Macklin on Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with Resilience, Collaboration, and Creative Solutions

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Blue-Mark Spotlight - Kayla Macklin on Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with Resilience, Collaboration, and Creative Solutions


No matter how complex and challenging the problem, Kayla brings a motivating, infectious energy, and determination to partnering with her clients and co-workers. Kayla thrives on helping clients solve their most complex issues. Read on as she expands on her professional journey, what motivates her, and characteristics each leader should have when leading change.

What drew you to Blue-Mark and what do you love most about working at Blue-Mark?

I was drawn to Blue-Mark by the diversity of backgrounds and experiences within the team. This diversity not only made me feel like I would belong, but it also ensures that we have the right skill sets and experiences to offer unique solutions for our clients. Additionally, Blue-Mark's approach to work is unique in the industry. We deliver tailored solutions through collaboration with the client, which I find refreshing and exciting!

What I love most about working at Blue-Mark is the supportive and intelligent group of people I get to work with. I feel like I can reach out to anyone on my team for help whenever and they will be there to provide guidance, feedback and listen when needed. On top of that, we are encouraged to show these characteristics with our clients when we help them with some of the most interesting and complex types of challenges and initiatives they have.

What has been one of your most meaningful and rewarding engagements with a client and why?

One of my most meaningful and rewarding engagements was helping a client with a digital transformation where we led the organizational change management efforts. This project was a huge undertaking by the client, combined with other changes in the organization. Through various roadblocks this project showed me the importance of resilience in people, and how, when they are supported by dedicated leaders, people really come together to support each other and make it happen. Through the challenging phases of the engagement, we were able to build deep connections, and even friendships, with the client through the hard work we all put in together.

What motivates you to do your best work?

Two things motivate me to do my best work. The first is, helping my clients solve their most complex issues. Nothing feels better than the client meeting key goals, seeing benefits result and being happy with their success. Knowing that I helped to play a part in that makes me want to continue spreading that success to even bigger, tougher projects. The second thing is getting to work with some amazing clients, people and the team at Blue-Mark. I love to see how dedicated the client is to their project or their team, and how my fellow Blue-Marker’s are to supporting our clients, producing our best work, and being there for each other.

What are key characteristics you think your clients need to effectively lead and mobilize complex change?

Change can be difficult and complex. To effectively lead and mobilize, clients should demonstrate resilience; the ability to learn from mistakes or challenges and come back stronger than ever. They should also show courage, by sharing their ideas and ensuring that when they share the direction with employees, they are open and honest about the changes and the journey that it will take.

What's a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I recently took up painting. I wanted to get my creative spirits flowing and I thoroughly enjoy it! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to let their mind unwind and be a bit creative

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