Blue-Mark Spotlight – Chris Ryan, Change Leader and Builder

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Eugene Choi
Blue-Mark Spotlight – Chris Ryan, Change Leader and Builder

Chris is a change leader and builder with cross-functional experience needed to fluently navigate the barriers of complex transformations.  Read on as he expands on his professional journey, biggest lessons and how his broad and in-depth program experience comes in handy when helping clients turn ideas into reality.

Describe your journey. How did the changes in your journey help you to be successful in your current role?
My career has always been about learning, gaining new experience and having a complete perspective on anything I tackle.  As a result, I’ve followed my curiosity and developed a broad, generalist skillset that covers many functions and industries.  However, one constant has been my focus on roles where I could contribute to significant programs or projects.  I started by using my process engineering background to contribute in the early concept and design stages of programs, but eventually I made the decision to focus on the later stages of change, communications and learning to develop a more complete understanding of the program lifecycle.  When working with clients, I try to bring insights based on my broad, cross-functional and in-depth program experience.

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned?
The value in gaining experience in the different activities across the lifecycle of a program.  Most of us start contributing to projects and programs as specialists and tend to focus on the aspects applicable to our current role.  Understanding the end-to-end lifecycle and being well-versed in the activities needed at each stage has helped me to better think through the implications of current issues on the outcomes of a program. After you’ve implemented the change, don’t walk away from it – sustain it.  There is a lot to learn in terms of the communications and organizational learning needed to fully integrate a change into an organization.

What’s one word you would use to describe yourself and why?
A Builder. I’ve always been interested in understanding the way something works or creating something completely new. It could be anything from a business process or operating model to a communications narrative. I enjoy helping our clients turn their ideas and plans into reality.

What does client success mean to you?
Success to me is when I’ve helped the client think more broadly about their situation and was able to contribute something that has a meaningful impact. This could be introducing new ideas, a different approach, or influencing how they go about developing their programs.

What are you hoping to achieve through the current work that you do?
I joined Blue-Mark because I wanted to learn more about our unique approach to working with clients.  Our approach is something I’m always thinking about and trying to implement daily in client work, whether it’s facilitating an effective meeting or building trusted relationships.

What is the best part about working for Blue-Mark?
I enjoy working in a company where I know everyone.  I feel like I can contribute to the growth and development of the company directly through both client and internal work.

Sc. (Hons.), IMBA
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