Blue-Mark Spotlight – Eugene Choi, on Helping Clients Thrive By Integrating Ideas and Perspectives

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Eugene Choi
Blue-Mark Spotlight – Eugene Choi, on Helping Clients Thrive By Integrating Ideas and Perspectives

Eugene is driven by the pursuit of understanding every aspect of an engagement to help clients make the most well-considered and meaningful business decisions. Through his philosophy, MBA  and consulting experience, Eugene brings a diverse lens to all of his consulting work.  Read on as he shares insights on collaborating with clients, helping them dig deeper and his approach to effectively working through complexities.

Tell us about yourself.
People who know me well will recognize that I enjoy the tenacious pursuit of integrating ideas, perspectives, and understanding in every aspect of my life. When I work with clients, I aim to collaborate with them through working the problem, gathering input from different perspectives, extracting insights and brainstorming solutions. Partnering with my clients in such a way gives them the confidence to move their business agendas forward. They know that I will never hesitate to raise observations, insights and that the solutions we come up with will be well-considered from every angle.

How has your education influenced your work?
I have a unique diversity of experiences that enabled me to develop this mindset. As a philosophy and MBA graduate, I learned to wrestle with divergent ideas and perspectives and the importance of exploring and questioning biases to uncover the full reality of a situation. My time at the Rotman School of Management was transformative and opened my eyes to new ways of understanding the world through economic, financial, and business lenses. These learnings have grown from my professional experiences before and after joining Blue-Mark, where I have come to recognize the critical role that behavioural change and adoption plays in the success of any change implementation.

What do you wish people knew about Blue-Mark?
I joined Blue-Mark after learning about how the firm approaches work and the deliberate thought process that is put into every engagement. The “Blue-Mark way” resonated with me on a deep level and I was proud to join the firm. At Blue-Mark, we genuinely care about our clients. It’s not just about the work we do, it’s also about the impact we make and the feeling that we instill while collaborating with clients – confidence, completeness and assurance that their solutions are sustainable.

What is a fun fact about you?
In middle school, my friend and I started experimenting with emerging web technologies and ended up developing a browser-based game that had a peak monthly active user count of over 10,000 users and up to 500,000 daily interactions. During the time we ran the game, we learned how to balance managing the continuous evolution of a product and the complex expectations from a growing community.

BA (Hons.), MBA
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Eugene Choi
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